Frank Horváth: a pioneer in thinking out of the box and source of inspiration

  • Sierd Cloetingh Utrecht University


I met Frank Horváth for the first time in 1980 when I climbed together with my close friend and colleague Rinus Wortel the stairs leading to the entrance of the Technical University of Budapest where the annual conference of the European Geophysical Society took place and where Frank stood at the entrance with Jim Channel. At that time the two were already quite well known through their papers on the Adriatic sub-plate. Later that week I joined a field trip to the Bükk Mountains, led by Frank and Zoltán Balla, also attended by Leigh Royden with whom Frank worked on the extension of the Pannonian Basin, making it one of the first test cases for the stretching model. I was struck by his warm personality, his humour and broad knowledge. (...)