A tulajdonnevek fordíthatóságáról és napjaink fordítási hibáiról, közszók és tulajdonnevek példáján

  • Tamás Farkas ELTE Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
Kulcsszavak: tulajdonnevek fordítása, hibás fordítás, fordítási műveletek, fordítási hibák mindennapi szövegekben, köznév és tulajdonnév a fordításban, angol forrásnyelv, magyar célnyelv


On the translation of proper names and on today’s mistranslations, considering proper names as well as common nouns

The author concerns a set of problems shared by different branches of linguistics: translation, language education and onomastics. By exploring the techniques of translating proper names the author makes an attempt to give both the typology and the explanation of possible mistranslations. Common techniques used in translating proper names (i.e. conceiving a proper name, identifying its reference, choosing the appropriate translation technique) are enumerated. Problems such as (1) common nouns misconceived as proper names, (2) linguistic items on the borderline between common nouns and proper names, (3) name accessories, and (4) the typology of techniques to translate common noun components of proper names are examined in detail. By way of analysing plentiful mistakes collected from contemporary mass translations in everyday use (e.g. from dubbed films and their abstracts) the author tries to reveal the importance of the most essential characteristics of proper names in translation. Possible backgrounds, consequences and further effects of mistranslating proper names are also treated.

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