A tulajdonnév funkciója a görög mitológiában

  • Mariann Slíz ELTE Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
Kulcsszavak: csoportnevek, istenek neve, köznevesülés, metonímia, névváltozás, névmágia, görög mitológia


The function of names in Greek mythology  


This study presents the mythological function of names in Greek myths, emphasizing though that most of the observed functions are not typical in mythology in general. Names were collected from the general work “Görög mitológia [Greek Mythology]” (1977/1997) by Károly Kerényi, a scholarly book paying attention even to the different versions of the myths, and, occasionally, from the popular work “Görög regék [Greek Tales]” (1976) by Imre Trencsényi-Waldapfel. The research focuses rather on the overall mythological function of names and name types, and also on the interrelations of names than on the etymologies of names. Topics presented in the paper include the specific transitionary state of mythological names between common and proper nouns and the frequent changes between these two categories; the synonymity of names (e.g. in connection with the several names of a god); names compressing the storyline of a myth; the appearance of a new name as a linguistic manifestation of the change in one’s mythological role; pseudonyms as indicators of temporary mythological roles; and the magic function of names.

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