Elmélet és terminológia a magyar helynévkutatásban

  • István Hoffmann Debreceni Egyetem
Kulcsszavak: névtani terminológia, magyar névtani terminusok, helynév, földrajzi név, Hoffmann István, helynév-tipológia terminológiája


Theory and terminology in Hungarian toponomastics  


The paper discusses the problem indicated in the title by adopting a starting point based on the observation that Hungarian onomastics has always been characterized by terminological variety. This diversity appears in naming the field of the science itself: relevant terms used in history are surveyed by the author. The paper examines in detail the use of terms in toponomastics, where not even the linguistic unit that constitutes the subject of investigation is indicated by a single term. The proper, intrinsic terminology of onomastics started to develop in Hungarian literature after onomasticians had declared their branch of science to be an independent, coherent field of research constituting a separate discipline. Relative stability and consistency in the use of terms can be recognized mainly in the sub-fields of onomastics which are considered to be well elaborated theoretically. The author finally presents examples from his own scientific practice to illustrate the steps that can be taken to unify terminology.

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