Elindult a Magyar Nemzeti Helynévtár Program

  • István Hoffmann Debreceni Egyetem
Kulcsszavak: digitális helynévi adatbázis, helynévgyűjtés, helynévgyűjtemény, névtani együttműködési program, magyar helynevek, magyar helynévkutatás, Kárpát-medence


The Hungarian National Toponym Registry Program Launched

The paper reports on the launch of a comprehensive toponomastics program supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and based on extensive scholarly collaboration aimed at collecting, documenting, and publishing contemporary and historical Hungarian toponyms. The main objective of the first year of the program was to establish the operative framework and involve the adequate group of scholars. All university departments providing programs in Hungarian linguistics in the Carpathian Basin participate in the work with institutional representatives coordinating the activities. There are regional coordinators outside Hungary and the Advisory Board of the Academy facilitates high-quality work. University students have a key role in the collection and processing of the toponymic corpus and they are prepared for such a work with the help of university courses, online materials, collection trips, and joint database building activities. The work completed in the first year has provided a sound foundation for the implementation of the decade-long research program.

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