A mentális térképezés helynév-szociológiai alkalmazásáról

  • Erzsébet Győrffy Debreceni Egyetem
Kulcsszavak: mentális térkép, mikrotoponimák, térreprezentáció, Tépe, magyar helynevek, helynévszociológia


The use of mental mapping in socio-onomastics  


The paper aims to introduce a new method of examining the variations of, and the use of toponyms: mental mapping. The mental or cognitive map is an interdisciplinary notion used for example in psychology and geography, and refers to the representation of space in the mind. In the process of mental mapping (especially when more people are involved), subjects do not focus on toponyms, thus scholars can observe the use of toponyms in a nearly spontaneous situation. The author present the result of her own experiment carried out in the name community of the settlement Tépe, covering topics such as synonymy, expressions at the borderline between proper names and common nouns, stylistic features of names, folk etymology, the use of name variants, etc.

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