Elmélet és empíria a helynévhasználat vizsgálatában

Habilitációs értekezés összefoglalója

  • ERZSÉBET GYŐRFFY Debreceni Egyetem


Theory and empirical findings in the research of place-name use. A summary of a habilitation dissertation

The starting point of the habilitation dissertation is the embeddedness of place names in social surroundings. The paper explores the questions of place-naming and place-name use in eight chapters. After a short review of the previous findings in the relevant literature, the author tries to define the concept of place-name sociology and its research fields in a broader sense. Then the author deals with the questions of name variants and of the functions of place names. The central part of the dissertation is constituted of a survey carried out in the settlement of Tép. In connection with the survey, the author presents the method of mental mapping and findings in the field of the knowledge of place names. By taking these ideas as a base, the author redefines the concept of name community, focusing on place-name competence. In a separate chapter devoted to slang place names, the author describes how this place-name competence works. Finally, the author pre-sents the collected local place names, also illustrated on maps.

Onomastics and events