Ördög Ferenc akadémiai doktori értekezése védésének tézisei

  • Ferenc Ördög
Kulcsszavak: Ördög Ferenc, magyar személynevek, magyar helynevek, történeti névkutatás, Zala megye, akadémiai doktori disszertáció


Theses of the academic doctoral dissertation defended by Ferenc Ördög

The theses of the short dissertation consisting of three main chapters (geographical names, personal names and other names) have been drawn from the author’s onomastic researches since 1974, ranging from data collection and publication of sources of different types to methodological and research studies. The basic approach to name analysis worked out by the author using his several thousands of examples is the following: first he differentiates the motivations of the namegiving processes and the linguistic means of name formations, and then he examines the relations between them. The author’s 18th-century sources (demographic registers from Zala County) offer the possibility of socioonomastic research on surnames as well as on Christian names. In his monograph on personal names (in preparation) in the description of the veneration historical background of Christian name-giving practices, several hundreds of data collected from the most relevant sources (e.g. titles of churches, side-altars and chapels; patrons of guilds; names for bells; names for pharmacies) have been taken into account.

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