Protection of Families in National Constitutions, in Particular in the Polish Constitution

Keywords: legal status of family, marriage, children, parenthood


This article aims to present the familyꞌs legal status in light of constitutional solutions in force in selected European countries, with particular emphasis on Polish regulations. The author aims to present a wide range of regulations functioning in Europe, and at the same time, highlight the similarities and differences between individual countries. An important element of this study is the consideration of Polish legislation, which is to familiarize readers with basic information on the legal situation of Polish families and at the same time show them where the regulations in force in the Republic of Poland fit into European standards, and in which they are original. The article covers the following issues: the constitutional protection of the family, way of understanding the role of the family in society and the state, problem of the constitutional definition of the family, definition of marriage, exercise of parental authority, and legal status of children.