Compromise(d)? – Perspectives of Rule of Law in the European Union

  • Márton Sulyok Department of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, University of Szeged
Keywords: rule of law, TEU, Article 2, Article 7, constitutional courts, European integration, European Union, principals, values, national competences, conferral, statehood, international standard, compromise, dialogue


This paper introduces different perspectives of rule of law in the European Union starting out of the assumption that fear and (common) economic interests continue to be the primary motivator of European integration as to the European Union. The analysis touches upon the problematic tension between national specificities of the rule of law developed organically inside state frameworks of constitutionalism, through the practice of national constitutional courts and the practice and standards of international organizations and institutions in this matter. Starting out of problems brought about by open statehood and the “dialogical” development of rule of lawin the European Union, the paper also describes the institutions, concepts and processes relevant to the enforcement of the value of rule of law in the EU.