A Kiss Lajos-díj 2018. évi nyertese: dr. Győrffy Erzsébet

  • István Hoffmann Debreceni Egyetem
Kulcsszavak: névkutatók, Kiss Lajos-díj, Győrffy Erzsébet, magyar helynevek, szocioonomasztika


Winner of the 2018 Lajos Kiss Prize: Dr Erzsébet Győrffy

The Lajos Kiss Prize, awarded every two or three years since 2006, is considered to be a highly prestigious award for young onomasticians. The 2018 winner of the prize is Dr Erzsébet Győrffy, senior lecturer at the Department of Hungarian Linguistics of the University of Debrecen. She was given this award for her contribution to Hungarian Historical Onomastics, especially for her research on place names and socio-onomastics.

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