A Bakonybéli összeírás mint nyelvtörténeti forrás

Habilitációs értekezés összefoglalója

  • Katalin Pelczéder Pannon Egyetem
Kulcsszavak: helynevek, Bakonybéli Összeírás, nyelvtörténeti elemzés, középkor, történeti helynévkutatás


Census of the Abbey of Bakonybél as source of language history. A summary of a habilitation dissertation

The dissertation presents a linguistic analysis of the Hungarian lexemes in the Bakonybél census (1086/11–12 or 12th century / +12–13 / +13). The Latin document dates back to the first century of Hungarian literacy and contains a significant number of Hungarian place names, personal names and common nouns, so it plays an important role in learning more about the Hungarian language of the era. The dissertation is the first complete linguistic-historical analysis of this source. The first chapter presents the circumstances of the creation of the diploma, discusses opinions on the dating and gives a philological evaluation of the four parts. The second chapter provides the text and translation of the diploma. The central chapter of the dissertation offers a detailed analysis of the Hungarian elements of seven hundred place names using the method of historical toponym reconstruction. In the fourth chapter, the lessons of linguistic history in linguistic memory are discussed: the linguistic usability of copied, false, and interpolated diplomas, and a historical analysis of the spelling and phonetics of lexemes. The last chapter is a summary of place names: the localisation characteristics, the taxonomic features of each type of place name and the layer of names of foreign origin are described.

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