Magyar helynévkutatás Kárpátalján

  • Zsolt Sebestyén Nyíregyházi Főiskola
Kulcsszavak: helynévkutatás, Kárpátalja, kisebbségi magyar, helynévkutatás bibliográfiája


Research on the Hungarian place names of the Sub-Carpathian region, Ukraine

This paper describes the results of research into the Hungarian place names of the Sub-Carpathian region, Ukraine. The achievements of local linguists were not well known in Hungary up to the time of the change of regime (1989/1990) for political reasons. After some earlier attempts, toponymic research started to develop in the Sub-Carpathian region at the beginning of the 1990s: representatives of the new generation of Sub-Carpathian linguists educated in recent years have been working in the last two decades to make other scholars acquainted with local place names by way of providing data as well as analyses of general Hungarian toponymic interest in their books, studies and theses. Achievements attained so far are presented in this paper in the form of a complete bibliography of relevant works.

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