Széljegyzetek a magyar családnévatlasz előmunkálatai közben

  • Ferenc Vörös Savaria Egyetemi Központ
Kulcsszavak: családnevek, geolingvisztika, mai magyar családnévatlasz, nyelvjárási változatok, családnévföldrajz, történeti személynévkutatás


Comments on the Atlas of Hungarian Family Names in preparation

Preparatory work on an atlas of synchronic Hungarian family names were started in June, 2009. The database contains the family names of all inhabitants of Hungary. According to a survey carried out on 1st January 2009, this contains 10 165 833 items of raw data. The data can geographically be localised, which makes the investigation of the linguistic geography of family names possible. This paper displays and comments on some maps which present mostly lexical, historical orthographical and onomatodialectological facts of interest. The author also calls attention to the fact that the maps in preparation will surely have wide practical applicability for experts. The maps will indicate the frequency of surnames in comparison to the total number of the local population according to counties. Furthermore, the absolute number of the name bearers and that of the variations of each name form will also be given on the maps.

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