Egy újabb tárgynévtípus: a 4-es metró fúrópajzsainak névadásáról

  • Judit Raátz MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet
Kulcsszavak: tárgynevek, budapesti metró fúrópajzsok nevei, névadási pályázat, jelenkori névadás


A recent type of object name: naming shields of the Budapest Underground’s 4th line

This paper presents a recent type of object name: it discusses the international and Hungarian practices of giving names to shields used in construction work. An overview is provided of shield names occurring in different parts of the world. The author describes the conditions of the tender announced for naming the two shields that are now being used in the construction of the 4th line of the Budapest Underground and thoroughly examines the 96 proposed name pairs. Names of shields – like object names in general – for the most part are transferred proper names, and only few of them are so-called “word names” (i.e. names having appellative meanings) and “sign names” (i.e. names having no appellative meanings). Names proposed for drilling constructions are especially interesting, because they always form name pairs as two shields have to be named at a time. The author thus, apart from analysing name types and their semantic ranges, highlights the relations between the members of the proposed name pairs.

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