Ragadványnév-adási motivációk budapesti fiatalok körében

  • Éva Heltovics
Kulcsszavak: ragadványnevek, Budapest, közösségi oldal, motivációs típusok, fiatalok névadása


Motivations for giving nicknames among the young in Budapest

This paper carries out a motivation-based categorisation of the nicknames of 200 young people (100 females and 100 males) living in Budapest. Nicknames referring to physical characteristics, especially clothing, constitute the most frequent category. Many nicknames refer to film characters as well. Names relating to music are also numerous. These motivating factors are undoubtedly connected to fashion trends. Fashion trends thus influence not only the life style, clothing and hair style of young people, but also affect their nickname giving practices. Most nicknames are given by friends, family members or acquaintances, but many names are invented by the name bearers themselves to enrich their identities. The high degree of creativity of the young is manifested in these pet names: a leg in a cast, a bad temper as well as a favourite brand of yoghurt can equally be a motivating factor behind nicknames.

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