Névtani kérdések a nyest.hu-n

  • Helga Anna Haindrich
Kulcsszavak: Nyelv és Tudomány, nyest.hu, internetes portál, tudományos ismeretterjesztés, névtani ismeretterjesztés


Onomastic questions on nyest.hu website  


Since the 1st of June 2009, members of the general public have been able to visit a Hungarian website focusing on national and international news and events concerning Linguistic Studies. The portal classifies the current news according to their topics; thus, writings on onomastic questions can be found under the heading Proper Names. Most relevant articles deal with place names; other writings – in order of decreasing frequency – discuss personal names, names for institutions, names for animals, names for artefacts, and trade names. The portal not only shares news and knowledge, but also offers services such as a help desk for problems in translation, text ergonomics and Linguistics. The opportunity to comment on articles and launch forums or blogs to initiate a discourse on topical issues is also provided by the webmaster. The website, by presenting interesting news and topics in connection with proper names, plays a vital role in disseminating factual knowledge relating to Onomastics.

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