Névtan, fordítás és terminológia

Egy kerekasztal-beszélgetés tanulságai

  • Anna Hajdú ELTE Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
Kulcsszavak: tulajdonnevek fordítása, alkalmazott névtan, névtani konferencia, kerekasztal-beszélgetés, beszámoló


Onomastics, translation and terminology. The conclusions of a round-table discussion  


The paper presents the most important ideas debated at a round-table discussion in a workshop held on 17th September 2014 entitled Onomastics, translation and terminology. The participants invited into the discussion were Jenő Demeczky terminologist (IMB Hungary Ltd.); László Imri dubbing editor; Tamás Farkas and Krisztina Laczkó linguists (ELTE BTK); the event was moderated by Andrea Bölcskei (KRE BTK). The four topics examined included: (i) what are the practical difficulties, possible problems in interpretation, legal questions, etc. arising in connection with the translation of the distinct types of proper names in everyday work; (ii) what the profession-specific problems of the field are and how they are managed by the representatives of the different professions; (iii) how the appearance of such problems can be avoided effectively in each concerned profession; (iv) how can problems connected to the translation of Hungarian proper names into foreign languages be solved.

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