A középkori magyar városfejlődés migráció- és ipartörténeti vonatkozásai a történeti személynévtan tükrében II.

Személynévadás és kézműipar

  • László Szabolcs Gulyás Nyíregyházi Egyetem
Kulcsszavak: családnevek, városfejlődés, kézműipar, foglalkozásnevek, középkor, történeti személynévkutatás


Relations of migration and industrial history and medieval urban development in Hungary in the light of historical anthroponymy II. Giving personal names and handicraft industry  


The paper examines the connections between late medieval urban development in Hungary, the handicraft industry and the name giving practices of the lower and middle classes of medieval society. It has long been accepted through research into Hungarian local history that the state of urban development and the proportion of handicraftsmen (and other people not involved in agricultural activities) among the population of a settlement were interdependent. Highly developed settlements would have more inhabitants engaged in industrial activities and services, than their poorer counterparts. Hungarian economic history traditionally considers the bearers of personal names derived from occupational names as handicraftsmen. In general, the proportion of these people among the inhabitants of the distinct settlement types was different, thus in market towns more people supported themselves with handicrafts than in villages, but the highest number of handicraftsmen lived in cities. Naturally, the more important a settlement was, the more crafts were present there. Based on a corpus of approximately 12,000 late medieval personal names, the author examines the proportion of handicraftsmen among the inhabitants, and the specialization of the handicraft industry in the seven types of settlements identified in the so called “centrality score system”. The system devised by András Kubinyi aims to describe the different levels of development in medieval settlements. The results of the present analysis reinforce and numerically justify Kubinyi’s statements.

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