Comparative analyses of non-marine ostracods (Crustacea) among water basins in Turkey

Keywords: basins, alpha and beta diversity, elevation, cosmopolitan, Ostracoda


Total of 26, 22 and 32 sites in Konya, Antalya and West Mediterranean basins in Turkey, respectively, were sampled twice during 2017 to compare the non-marine ostracod diversity. A total of 1787 individuals belonging to 31 species were recorded from all basins. Of which, nine species are common among basins when Fabaeformiscandona fragilis is new for Turkey. High species diversity was found at middle elevational intervals. The highest and lowest Shannon diversity index values were recorded for both Konya (H = 2.19) and Antalya (H = 1.90) basins, respectively. The highest beta diversities values are encountered between closed the Konya and other open basins. Species and environmental variables composition among basins and elevational intervals showed significant differences (p < 0.05, ANOSIM). Of species, cosmopolitans (e.g., Candona neglecta, Ilyocypris bradyi, Psychrodromus olivaceus) provide an important contribution to the differences in diversities among basins and elevational intervals. According to Canonical Correspondence Analysis, elevation appeared to be the common influential variables in all basins. Results suggest that alpha diversity is under the control of local and regional factors when beta diversity is primarily affected by regional factor. Although cosmopolitan species are positive indicators, they seem to make a significant contribution to alpha and beta diversities of ostracods.

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YavuzatmacaM. (2019). Comparative analyses of non-marine ostracods (Crustacea) among water basins in Turkey. Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 65(3), 269-297.