Amphibians and reptiles from Zoltan Kaszab’s Expeditions to Mongolia held at the Hungarian Natural History Museum

Mongolian amphibians and reptiles

Keywords: Central Asia, herpetofauna, Mongolia, Zoltán Kaszab


The amphibians and reptiles collected essentially by Zoltán Kaszab in Mongolia between 1963-1968, deposited in the Collection of Amphibians and Reptiles of the Hungarian Natural History Museum, are reviewed. The 786 studied specimens belong to 12 species (Bufotes pewzowi, Strauchbufo raddei, Rana amurensis, Alsophylax pipiens, Paralaudakia stoliczkana, Phrynocephalus versicolor, Eremias argus, E. multiocellata, E. dzungarica, E. przewalskii, Elaphe dione, Gloydius halys) representing 50% of amphibian and reptile species of Mongolia. Our identification and map representation provide new distribution data for the 12 species and represent a source of information for the status of the Mongolian herpetofauna in the mid-twentieth century.