Román intézménynevek magyarítása Erdélyben

  • Attila Benő Babes-Bolyai Tudományegyetem


Translation of Romanian institutional names to Hungarian in Transylvania


The study examines the translation methods used in the translation of institutional names and their common language use within the context of Hungarian-Romanian bilingualism in Transylvania, noting the language planning tasks that arise from minority status and the results of corpus design so far. The presented translation and language use phenomena emphasize that translating institutional names in minority status is a task for (professional) translation, terminology, and language planning. Within translation, it presupposes practical skills and a high level of bilingualism. In the technical and terminological context, the translation of the name of an institution presupposes an adequate knowledge of the individual fields and languages, in the absence of which unprofessional and ambiguous translations may be created. As a language planning problem, it primarily concerns corpus planning and presupposes the expansion of language rights related to status planning and expanding the scope of using vernacular languages.

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