Az íróinév-szótárak kérdései a tervezett Jókai-névszótár kapcsán

  • Magda T. Somogyi ELTE Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
Kulcsszavak: irodalmi névadás, íróinév-szótárak, Jókai Mór, szócikkek, névszótár készítése, tulajdonnevek lexikográfiája


Some questions of dictionaries on literary names raised by the ongoing project of compiling the name dictionary of Jókai’s works

The study reviews the main features of literary name-giving, author dictionaries, name dictionaries and literary name dictionaries, mainly based on Hungarian historical data and research results, highlighting key connections. It first reviews the research questions that arise in connection with literary names to examine to what extent they can and should be applied in the compilation of literary name dictionaries. The study details the types and editorial methods of Hungarian author dictionaries, and especially, how proper names are processed within these. It examines the antecedents of and connections between the dictionaries of Hungarian literary names currently being prepared or planned and offers overviews of the dictionaries of two scholars who wrote in English and the onomasticon of a contemporary English researcher. The paper then reviews lexicon-like works that list the names of literary heroes and which can be of use in the creation of literary name dictionaries. Finally, a plan for a dictionary of literary names, the Dictionary of Jókai’s Literary Names is presented, highlighting its place among author dictionaries and onomastic works. The author emphasises the challenges that the 10-million-word oeuvre presents in collecting items and examines the difficulties of selecting entry headwords and philological, textual questions. The paper is closed with a few insights into the structure of the word entries being prepared, and data management issues that still need to be solved.

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