Az Arvisura és a FÉRAN, a Beavatottak Névadó Naptára – alkalmazott névtani megközelítésben

  • Kornél Szabados ELTE Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
Kulcsszavak: egyénnevek (keresztnevek), Arvisura, FÉRAN, alternatív ideologikus gondolkodás, téves etimológiák és értelmezések, elképzelt történelmi múlt, írói névadás, névadó naptár


Arvisura and FÉRAN, the Name Giving Calendar of the Initiated – Approached through applied onomastics

The study offers an analysis of Arvisura by Zoltán Paál, and its eighth chapter, the FÉRAN calendar in particular. The primary goal of the research is to identify how the name calendar has managed to stretch beyond its boundaries and remain relevant as a source regarding names to the general public to the present day. Relying on academic literature, the study examines the similarities and differences between Arvisura and other works on alternative theories of language genealogy. The overall structure of the work and its larger sections are presented. The function, sources and method of FÉRAN are examined in detail, as these provide the fundamentals of a detailed analysis. The study is based on the January name stock, a total of 744 names. Onomastic method makes the author’s consistent name creating process identifiable. The paper also highlights that the FÉRAN often strays from its own logic, and several names are difficult to categorise or identify.

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