A személynevek Anonymus Gesta Hungarorumának angol és román fordításaiban

  • Gyopárka F. Bátori ELTE Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
Kulcsszavak: egyénnevek (keresztnevek), Anonymus, Gesta Hungarorum, tulajdonnevek fordítása, magyar forrásnyelv, angol célnyelv, román célnyelv, alkalmazott nyelvtörténet


Personal names in the English and Romanian translations of Gesta Hungarorum by Anonymus

The Gesta Hungarorum is a valuable source of the early history of Europe and Hungary. As a result, several translations in addition to the Hungarian have been published: Romanian, German, Slovak, Polish, Catalan, English, Russian, etc. While some questions regarding the translation of the personal names used by Anonymous are predictable, a comprehensive understanding can only be reached through a complete comparison of all data. Thus, data collection is the first step of research. The current study examines the use of personal names in the English and Romanian translations. Aspects connected to translation are systematised based on the various levels of their context. A detailed analysis of the data brings new aspects to the fore that highlight questions connected not only to the text of the Gesta itself but translation in general. Thus this study is useful not only to a small group of scholars but any who face challenges in the translation of names.

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