Magyar neve?

Szlovákiai magyar helységnevek standardizációs problémái

  • Gizella Szabómihály
Kulcsszavak: helységnevek, kisebbségi magyar, névváltozás és névváltoztatás, Szlovákia, Kárpát-medence, névpolitika, helynév-standardizáció


Standardization of Hungarian settlement names in Slovakia

There are many settlements inhabited by Hungarians that were annexed after the First World War to Czechoslovakia, later to Slovakia. The names of these settlements were changed many times in the previous years. Their last standardization took place in 1994, when the Hungarian names of circa 500 settlements were established (next to the official Slovakian names). Out of these names approximately 100 are different from the relevant name forms established by the last Hungarian standardization (1913). As a result, in Hungarian texts published in Slovakia the name of a settlement may occur in two (sometimes three) different forms. The situation is somewhat similar in all countries bordering Hungary where there are Hungarian-inhabited areas that once belonged to the Hungarian Kingdom. Therefore, there is a need for general standardization of Hungarian settlement names including all parties concerned, the prerequisite of which is to clarify the principles to be adopted.

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