Új patikanevek Heves megyében

  • Mária Varga
Kulcsszavak: intézménynevek, gyógyszertárak nevei, nyelvi elemzés, patika, gyógyszertár


New pharmacy names in Heves county

In the present paper the author gives an onomastic analysis of new pharmacy names of Heves county by calling attention to the appearance of new name types, the presence of Palóc dialectal features in the name forms, and the existence of a wide range of typical name giving practices. The author compares her results with those of a nation-wide survey carried out by Andrea Bölcskei and with those of her own research done some years ago in Veszprém county. Relying on a study by Dénes Horváth the author also identifies the differences in name giving practices adopted in Budapest and in the country. In relation to pharmacy names possible motivational factors and fashion trends in name giving practices are presented in the paper; furthermore, stylistic and orthographic problems of the name forms are also discussed.

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