A doktori iskolákban megvédett névtani témájú disszertációk 2008-ban: Török Tamás

Ipoly mente helynevei

  • Tamás Török


PhD thesis on Onomastics defended (2008)

The brief summaries and the most important data of onomastic PhD dissertations defended successfully at doctoral schools in Hungary are published regularly in Névtani Értesítő: year of completion, size, consultant, opponents, date of defence. – More detailed summaries, summaries in English and complete dissertations can be found on the home page of the Onomastic Section of the Society of Hungarian Linguistics (http://nevtan.mnyt.hu). A copy of the dissertations can be found in the libraries of the respective universities. – The dissertation presented here: Török, Tamás: Place names of Ipoly mente, a region along the river Ipoly (ELTE, Budapest, Hungarian Linguistics).

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