Földrajzi nevek parafrázisai kognitív keretben

  • Ágnes Veszelszki
Kulcsszavak: térkonstrukció, epitethon ornans, kognitív metafora, metonímia


Spatial constructions: paraphrases of geographical names examined in the framework of cognitive linguistics

This paper makes use of cognitive linguistics as a theoretical background for an examination of paraphrases of geographical names. The author’s conclusions are based on extensive data collection. The most important linguistic tools used in creating the paraphrases under discussion seem to be epitheton ornans, description, example, as well as metaphor and metonymy. The author describes the two latter processes in detail in the paper, and concludes that the conceptual metaphors TOWN /HEART, TOWN/TOWN and PART/WHOLE metonymy are the most characteristic methods employed in the observed field.

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