Észrevételek és kiegészítések Baski Imrének „A török hódoltság néprajzi és nyelvi maradványai földrajzi neveinkben” cím könyvemről írt ismertetéséhez

  • József Szabó Szegedi Tudományegyetem
Kulcsszavak: helynevek, török kori Magyarország, néprajzi emlékek, oszmán-török, etimológia, történeti helynévkutatás


Notes and additions to the review of my book ‘Ethnographic and Linguistic Remnants of the Turkish Occupation in Hungarian Geographical Names’ by Imre Baski


A review of József Szabó’s book by Imre Baski was published in the 2010 issue of Névtani Értesít (32: 214–7). The present paper offers an response to it, emphasizing the fact that the book in question primarily makes use of the results of dialectology as well as onomastics, and only to a lesser degree of ethnography, as the author is an expert in linguistics rather than a Turcologist. The author explains in detail the theoretical background of the procedures, some severely criticized by the reviewer, adopted in the etymological classification of place-names. In doing so, the author presents the sources and the literature used, calling attention to the vast quantities of data published in the volumes of county surveys, which have not been properly exploited in onomastic and ethnographic research until recently. The author makes clear his point of view in connection with such a phenomenon as folk etymology; identifies the roots of the divergence of views between him and his reviewer; and accounts for several etymologies the reviewer cast doubt upon.

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