Névtan és egységesítés: egy kerekasztal-beszélgetés tanulsága

  • Andrea Faludi
Kulcsszavak: helynév-standardizáció, nemzetközi névkutatás, névtani konferencia, kerekasztal-beszélgetés, beszámoló


Onomastics and Standardization: Conclusions of a round table discussion  


This paper summarizes the main thoughts of a round table discussion organized on 11th June, 2013 as a separate session of the workshop entitled “Onomastics and Standardization”. The discussion dealt with some major issues of geographical names standardization focusing on three basic questions: in which fields does geographical names standardization prove to be extremely useful; what can be said about the relations between Hungarian and international standardization endeavours, and to what extent it is possible to use the international guidelines in Hungarian standardization practices; and what are the most important current tasks and challenges facing the Hungarian Committee on Geographical Names.

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