A határon túli vasútállomások neve a vasúti utastájékoztatásban

  • Imre Perger Magyar Államvasutak Zrt.
Kulcsszavak: helységnevek, vasútállomások neve, Földrajzinév-bizottság, utastájékoztatás, kisebbségi magyar, Kárpát-medence


Names for railway stations beyond the borders of Hungary in information services for railway passengers  


This paper presents the problems in identifying the contemporary Hungarian names for railway stations in the Carpathian Basin that formerly were known only by their Hungarian names. The author describes the changes of the names for the relevant settlements as well as those of the names for their railway stations from the time of the official settlement names standardization up to the present (i.e. between 1898 and 2013), which have led to misunderstandings in everyday communication and, especially, in information services for railway passengers. The paper presents the international rules and requirements for naming railway stations, and discusses the relevant regulations by the Hungarian Railways. The author explains why the Hungarian names cannot be used in timetables and why the exclusive use of Hungarian names for railway stations beyond the borders of the present-day Hungary cannot be claimed in information services. The author also discusses the queries on name use posed by the Hungarian Railways to the Hungarian Committee on Geographical Names; and based on the decisions involving an accepted list of railway station names, summarizes the principles to be followed in name use, exploring the professional background of the actual decisions. Because of the lack of unified practice concerning the use of the Hungarian names for settlements beyond the borders of the present-day Hungary, the author initiates the compilation of a standardized historical and administrative gazetteer.

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