Névadás a rendszámtáblákon

  • Magdaléna Kiss Eszterházy Károly Katolikus Egyetem
Kulcsszavak: tulajdonnevek és identitás, személynevek, egyedi rendszámtáblák Romániában, motivációs típusok, kreatív névadás


License Plate Namings

This research focuses on a specific onomastic phenomenon: the expression of human uniqueness on a surface for identification or advertising, such as vehicle license plates. The paper reveals the psychological and social drives relating to the selection of license plates and accounts for the intensity of emotional and sociolinguistic factors involved. Data collection took place in a settlement with a mixed Hungarian–Romanian population in Romania based on interviews. Motivational characteristics of the letters on the license plates: (i) names derived from personal names: 1 family names; 2 first names, bynames; 3 family names and first names or bynames; and (ii) names not derived from personal names: 1 names for institutions; 2 brand names; 3 other types of names; 4 random, nonpreferred serial license plate names. The number of observed names (214) does not allow us to draw far-reaching conclusions. Still, it provides insight into the cognitive processes involved. It sheds light on what kind of national, social and knowledge background gave birth to the different forms and on what messages necessary for the name givers are conveyed to the world by the characters chosen. One can observe diverse, imaginative, and creative names on licence plates.

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