Guide for authors

1. The Editorial Board invites the authors to send their manuscripts for the purpose of publication to the following e-mail address: The Editorial Board also invites the authors to submit the following pieces of information in a separate document:

  • full title of the study in English;
  • full title of the study, abstract and key words in English;
  • type of the study (not obligatory);
  • name(s) of the author(s), her/his/their academic degree(s)/title(s);
  • institutional affiliation (as the author wants to make it appear in the journal);
  • ORCID number, e-mail address, personal website of the author.


2. In case of a PhD student, the reference of her/his scientific leader shall be attached in scanned form. In case of an undergraduate student, the reference of her/his scientific lecturer shall be attached in scanned form.


3. The peer-reviewers of JAEL give their opinions on anonymized manuscripts. Therefore, the authors shall submit their names and institutional affiliations in separate files. When the author sends his/her manuscript at first, it is prohibited to mark the self-identifying references on the author himself/herself. It is the authors’ liability to write the self-identifying references back to the final manuscript.


4. The Editorial Board invites the authors to make a declaration that they have not recommended their studies for publication to other publishers and their studies have not been published yet when submitting it to JAEL. JAEL does not publish any manuscript that does not meet this requirement.


5. The Editorial Board gives information to the authors about the opinions of peer-reviewers (in an anonymized way) and it also informs the authors of the acceptance or the refusal of the studies. After the acceptance of the study, the Editorial Board contacts the authors for the purpose of transfering the copyright to the publisher of JAEL. In accordance with the Hungarian legislation in force, the Publisher of JAEL, the CEDR – Hungarian Association of Agricultural Law – becomes the Copyright Holder.


6. Some formal requirements:

6.1. Please use double quotation marks in the case of direct citations and simple quotation marks in the case of citations being in a citation and in the case of specific words and phrases.


6.2. Please use footnotes, not endnotes. The notes must be sorted with Arabian numbers. If it is necessary, please represent the origin of the text next to the title with an asterisk (*). Please also indicate the acknowledgements to the persons and scholarships next to the title. Please mark this note in the bottom of the first page.


6.3. Reference list (bibliography) is required.


6.4. Please include the DOI number in the bibliography after the reference in the case of literature sources with a DOI number. In the case of a source of printed literature, the appropriate indication of the DOI number by way of example is as follows: "doi: 10.1007/978-981-15-5105-5". In the case of a source of online literature, the appropriate indication of the DOI number through an example is "".


6.5. Please use Arabian numbers for the unification of chapters and sub-chapters.


6.6. In connection with citation, footnotes and reference list, please use Harvard Reference Style



Summary about Harvard Reference Style in JAEL


In JAEL a source of scientific literature shall be referenced in a footnote with abbreviated content of data and in the bibliography with full content of data. The latter one shall be found in the end of the study.


The order of sources in the bibliography has to be listed according to the alphabetic order of the authors’ surnames. If there are at least two authors with the same surname, the basic of the order is determined by the authors’ first name (in this case the initial letter of the author’s first name shall also be used in the footnote). If a source is written by at least two authors, the basic of the order is determined by the first author’s name concerning the given source. If at least two works of the same author are cited,  in the order the earlier work shall be prior to the posterior one in a chronological order. If an author has more works in the same year, differentiate each work with abc-initials after the year (1983a, 1983b, 1983c, 1983d etc.).



Content of data in the footnote

Content of data in the reference list (bibliography)

Book with one author

Norer 2012, 101–102.

[Note: „101-102.” = cited pages]

Norer R (2012) Agricultural law, Springer International, Heidelberg.

Book with two authors

Csák & Nagy 2018, 6–8.

Csák Cs & Nagy Z (2018) Környezetjog: Pénzügyi és gazdasági eszközök, Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest.

Book with three authors

Csák, Nagy & Olajos 2019, 29.

Csák Cs, Nagy Z & Olajos I (2019) Az agrárjogtudomány jövője, Miskolci Egyetemi Kiadó, Miskolc.

Book with four to six authors

Csák et al. 2010, 15.

Csák Cs, Nagy Z, Olajos I, Prugberger T & Szabó Á (2010) Agrárjog, Novotni Kiadó, Miskolc.

Book with more than six authors

Csák et al. 2008, 35–37.

Csák Cs, Fodor L, Jasinka A, Olajos I, Prugberger T, Szabó Á et al. (2008) Agrárjog, Novotni Kiadó, Miskolc.

Book published as a work of an institution

Agrárminisztérium 2018, 11–18.

Agrárminisztérium (2018) Agrárjogi kommentár, Magyar Közlöny Kiadó, Budapest.

Book with one editor

Csák (ed.) 2006, 5–7.

Csák Cs (ed.) (2006) Agrárjog, Novotni Kiadó, Miskolc.

Book with more than one editor

Alabrese, Brunori, Rolandi & Saba (eds.) 2017, 83­–84.

Alabrese M, Brunori M, Rolandi S, Saba A (eds.) (2017) Agricultural law, Springer International Publishing, New York City, doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-64756-2.

Chapter from a book

Csák 2017, 32–33.

Csák Cs (2017) Szövetkezeti identitás a 20. században, in: Gellén K, Hegyes P & Farkas-Csamangó E (eds.) Honori et virtuti, Iurisperitus, Szeged, pp. 31–39.

Article with one author

Csák 2018, 6–7.

Csák Cs (2018) Constitutional issues of land transactions regulation, Agrár- és Környezetjog 13(24), pp. 5–14,

[Note: „13(24)” = Volume 13, Issue 24]

Article with two authors

Juhász & Pusztahelyi 2018, 61–62.

Juhász Á & Pusztahelyi R (2018) Registration of real estates from a civil law viewpoint – civil law effects in the sieve of the official public register, Agrár- és Környezetjog 13(24), pp. 61–80,

Website reference

Greenpeace Magyarország 2018

Greenpeace Magyarország (2018) 10 év alatt nem sikerült érdemben javulást elérnünk, 17 May, [10.06.2018]

[Note: the original URL is longer than 90 characters, so it is abbreviated with the help of „”.]


Olajos 2017

Olajos I (2017) A földforgalmi jog aktualitásai, presentation, in: Természeti erőforrások joga, conference, University of Miskolc, Miskolc, 11 November 2017.

PhD thesis

Hornyák 2018, 45–46.

Hornyák Zs (2018) A mezőgazdasági földek öröklésének jogösszehasonlító elemzése, PhD thesis, University of Miskolc, Miskolc



List of Abbreviations







art. [= article]



et al.

et al. [= and others]



etc., stb.

etc. [= and so on]




vol., vols. [= volume(s)]








c.   [= approximately ]




MS., MSS. [= manuscript(s)]




edn. [= edition]



m.a. [= megjelenés alatt]

in press




n.d. [= no date]




n.p. [= no place]



p. pp. [= oldalszám]

p., pp. [= page(s)]



paragrafus, §

para., paras. [= paragraph(s)]




e.g. [= for example]




pt., pts. [= part(s)]




ed., eds. [= editor(s)]








cf. [= compare]