Topical legal questions of the food chain and its authority supervision

  • Zoltán Reiterer University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law, Department of Agricultural and Labour Law
Keywords: food chain, authority supervision


I have written the present article about the regulations of food chains, in the frame of which I would like to give a review on the current questions of the examined area as a summary of conclusions of my research as well as solutions for the problems in the field of legal regulations. The topic of my work is the regulation of food chains, focusing on the administrative legal area, and in addition to the substantive legal regulations within this area, special emphasis was placed on the rules of procedure as well as their application. The main objective of my research was to prove my hypothesis, i.e. there is a number of problems in the field of legislation and the application of the law, which fact hampers the achievement of general and special legislation goals although the regulations regarding food chain safety are rather strict in Hungary and certain areas are regulated in detail. In the course of the research work I aimed to reveal the problems in the legislation of food chains, as well as the possible coherence issues, for the solution of which I hereby present my proposals.