The legal problems related to re-use of metallic wastes

  • István Olajos University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law, Department of Agricultural and Labour Law
Keywords: metallic waste, re-use


In today’s enviromental law, increasingly come into view the problem, that the companies, which properly practise their management activity, would like to achieve further economic and market advantages with the reduction of waste and quantity of raw materials for production by the collection, adequacy processing and recycling of their products’ waste. However, the authorisation practise of hungarian waste management makes their resolution more difficult, because dozens of licenses are necessary to the every consecutions of waste recovery and prior licenses are necessary to many consecutions of waste management. This is the administrative practise, which puts the interior companies at a disadvantage. The another problem is, that the directorates with greater competence were attached in the organisation of government offices at county level by the establishment of new mid-level administration and the transfer of green authority to this system. 20 new departments were created, which make the activities of enterprises operating at national level and registered in Hungary fairly bureaucratic. In the further parts of the article, I try to present and emphasize these conclusions in the example of ModusLink Magyarország Csomagolási Kft. (in the year 2012) and example of Nespresso Hungary Kft. (in the year 2015).