Theoretical and practical issues of restraints of land acquisition in Hungary

  • Krisztina Bányai Attorney General’s County Office of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén
Keywords: acquisition of land, pocket contracts, agricultural land


The land is a finite commodity, and as a natural object is available to a limited extent, non-reproducible, irreplaceable, the indispensability, its renewable capacity, specific risk-sensitivity and low profit yield.2 The land has particular social strings attached, so its different legal treatment from other objects is appropriate, and these conditions may be justified by the protection of public interest against the ownership rights. The Hungarian Basic Law emphasizes the protection of arable land in section P. Restraints and restrictions on land acquisition are based on ground policy of possession of each state. The ownership means full control over the thing, getting the ownership means creating the power of the owner over the thing. The issue of the property possession and use arises in connection with the land restrictions and prohibitions. The question of the land use is discussed only in extent of how it affects the legal fate of land and during previous land regulations induced the occur of pocket contracts.