European legislation and Hungarian law regime of transfer of agricultural and forestry lands

  • János Ede Szilágyi University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law, Department of Agricultural and Labour Law
Keywords: agricultural land, European law, Hungarian regulation


The law regime and jurisprudence of the European Union (EU) is a very important framework for the regulation of the transfer of Hungarian agricultural and forestry lands. Here we wish to emphasize that there is a difference on the grounds of the nature between regulations on the use and on the ownership of lands in the European Union’s legislation on agricultural and forestry lands (hereafter lands). There are plenty of EU regulations on the use of lands and there are much less on the ownership of lands, and these even bear many problems of interpretation. Nevertheless, it does not reduce the importance of the EU legislation on the ownership  of lands in the codification process of the member states. In view of this nature we discuss more in detail the problem of ownership bearing more interpretation difficulties.