Establishing the protection of natural resources by the state in 19th century natural law

  • Anna Petrasovszky University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law, Department of Legal History
Keywords: natural resources, natural law, state protection


Protection of natural resources by the state and the liability and sanctioning system that have followed from this are considered as one of the necessary reflections given by the modern civilisation to the phenomena of the increasingly industrialised and technologized society. The increasing demand for services and market economy approach regards natural resources as natural capitals that are motivated by profit maximisation going parallel with cost minimisation. Nowadays it can be seen that all this results in a degree of exploiting natural resources that threatens the adequate quality of life not only of the future, but of the current generations. As a consequence terms and endeavours in the international scene such as sustainable development, intergenerational justice, protection of the future generations emerged which indicate that the economic development in the long term are unrealistic without guaranteeing protection, safeguard and preservation of natural environment giving living conditions of mankind.