Unlawful acquisition of agricultural and forestry land in the criminal law

  • Bence Udvarhelyi University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law, Department of Criminal Law and Criminology
Keywords: unlawful acquisition, agricultural land, criminal law


The objective of this paper is to present the criminal law consequences of the legal transactions which intend to violate or circumvent the restrictions regarding to the acquisition of the agricultural and forestry land ownership. In connection with this, the study briefly analyses the regulations on the restrictions relating to the acquisition of the ownership of agricultural and forestry land and the pocket contracts aiming to violate or circumvent these restrictions, after which it presents the criminal consequences of these contracts in details. The actuality of the topic is clearly shown by the fact, that until 2013, the Hungarian criminal law did not contain a separate criminal offence which prohibited the contracts violating the restrictions of the acquisition of land ownership, but the currently effective Criminal Code created an independent criminal offence for sanctioning these kinds of behaviors.