New plant breeding techniques and genetic engineering: legal approach

  • Dorina Harnócz
Keywords: plant breeding techniques, genetic engineering, legal regulation


‘New plant breeding techniques’ – i.e. genome editing1 – have recently become
a hot topic on the agenda and have triggered several debates. Human-modified genetic
stock of living organisms is not a new-fangled invention. However, as a lot of other
technologies, this is also developing day by day, with which progression shall the law
inevitably keep pace with even in this exceptionally antinomic field. The forementioned
procedures are regarded by some remarkably safe and precise, thus
according to their viewpoint the organisms obtained this way do not count as
genetically modified organisms. On the other hand there are people who argue for
regulations as strict as possible. Nevertheless, law cannot participate in endless debates.
Pending legal situations have to be resolved for the safety and welfare of society and