Closed gardens: the peripheries of agriculture

  • Martin Milán Csirszki
Keywords: closed gardens, agricultural land, real estate register


In Hungary’s real estate registration there are three different categories on the
title deeds where a land parcel can lie: on the central area, on the outlying area and we
also have a special category, the so-called limited-use parcels. The latter ones are the
closed gardens which I intend to analyse from the perspective of agricultural law.
Parcels lying on any of these three area categories can be registered as tillage, meadow,
pasture, vineyard, garden, orchard, reed bank, forest or woodland according to their
method of utilization and natural condition. However, it is important to point out that
closed gardens are generally used as vineyard, garden or orchard as a result of historical
development, so they represent the most intensive form of land utilisation.
Unfortunately, it is only true in theory, the less in practice…