„Egyetlen méter filmet nem tudtam csinálni arról, hogy boldog vagy”

Filmes vonatkozások Hajnóczy Péter, Esterházy Péter és Gothár Péter műveiben

  • Katalin Ludmán Miskolci Egyetem Irodalomtudományi Doktori Iskola


“I couldn’t make a single meter of film about you being happy”

Cinematic Connections in Péter Hajnóczy’s and Péter Esterházy’s Works

The paper analyses the cinematic connections of Péter Hajnóczy’s prose, with special focus on the unpublished Hajnóczy texts. While in the early 1970s film mainly appeared as a topic in the writings, later texts in the oeuvre demonstrate the impossibility of adaptation. The posthumous texts help to point out a prose-poetical through-line in this unfinished oeuvre that puts questions of the tension and incompatibility between film and literature as well as literature and theatre, in the focus on interpretation. As a comparison, the study also analyses how the writings of Péter Esterházy raise similar questions.