Nagyvárosok a covid-19 vírusjárvány idején

  • Szirmai Viktória Társadalomtudományi Kutatóközpont,
Kulcsszavak: metropoliszok, társadalmi kérdések, új térségi-társadalmi mintázatok, járvány enyhítése


Nowadays, metropolitan areas are especially affected by the negative economic and social consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyday life and the urban landscape have also changed in these areas significantly. Because of the current urban and social features, several scientific studies have started to profoundly dispute the positive evaluation of urban settlements. In addition to revealing the real responsibility of metropolises, and their specificities, in the spread of the virus, this paper intends to analyse the virus-related issues in four dimensions: firstly, it presents the different kinds of impact of COVID-19 in the Western and Eastern types of large cities or metropolises. Secondly, it shows how the virus spread from city to city in its(first) emergence period. In addition, the study deals with the determining factors, especially the sociological reasons for the appearance and the development of COVID-19 in large cities. Besides this, the paper hypothetically deals with the possible negative spatial structural consequences in urban areas, so that the metropolises will be able to prepare for the mitigation of the current and future pandemics. Finally, possible solutions for the protection of metropolises will be listed.