Visszatekintés a kreatív osztály elméletére

  • Egedy Tamás CSFK Földrajztudományi Intézet – BGE KVIK Turizmus Tanszék, Budapest
Kulcsszavak: Richard Florida, coworking, kreatív osztály, digitalis taylorizmus


One of the defining concepts of neoliberal economic policy in the 2000s was the creative class theory of Richard Florida. The theory has drawn attention to the economic role and importance of creative workers and has been a focal point for urban politicians in developing urban development policies and strategies. The main aim of this study is to introduce the most important milestones in the development of the theory and to present the socio-geographical and labor market characteristics of the creative class. In this study, I have attempted to summarize all the defining theoretical foundations, findings, and critiques that have accompanied the development and history of the creative class concept. The theoretical paper is based on the processing and evaluation of domestic and international literature.