Egyes testalkati paraméterek és a kitöltött szünetek formánsszerkezete közötti összefüggés vizsgálata férfi beszélőknél

  • Ákos Gocsál PTEMK, MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet


The main purpose of this paper is to examine if correlations exist beween body height, body mass index, and the formant values of filled pauses in male speakers. Based on acoustic theories of speech, several mathematical formulas exist, which explain the formant frequencies of vowels. It has been suggested by several authors that formants may be good predictors of body size, especially that of body height. The experimental results obtained so far are, however, not unambiguous. For the present experiment, schwa-like filled pauses were extracted from spontaneous speech recordings of 23 male speakers and fundamental frequencies and the values of the first five formants were measured. None of these parameters correlated with body height, although a nonsignificant tendency of taller speakers having lower formant frequencies, except for F3, was observed. Body mass index did not correlate with formant frequencies and fundamental frequency values, however, heavier speakers used significanlty lower f0. Vocal tract lenghts were also estimated, based on the formant frequencies, but they did not correlate with actual speaker heights.