A szöveg az anyag fogságában, avagy mi a szövegváltozat

  • Mihály Eszter Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum Digitális Bölcsészeti Központ


The Text in the Capture of Material or What is a Text Variant
This paper tries to circle the following issues intended to initiate a discussion. What is a text variant? Are there any text variations at all or just texts? Can text variations exist without a ‘main’ text? What criteria do we use to separate versions of a text? Why do we cling so much to text carriers? How is the concept of a text variant changing in the digital world? According to the author’s assumption, the concept of the text, and consequently, the variation of the text is still too much grasped at the material level, and because of this, the term text variant and text source is completely blurred. Analyzing a specific example, the paper concludes that the level of material text cannot be used to examine text variants, because the latter is a virtual concept. Instead, we should move at the level of real text to get to the correct use of the concept of a version of a text and its adequate representation in the digital environment.