A szociografikus indíttatású regények a kortárs magyar irodalomban

  • Anita Káli Bölcsészettudományi Kutatóközpont Irodalomtudományi Intézet


Sociographic Novels in Contemporary Hungarian Literature

The topic of poverty, as well as its poetics, is a recurring subject in 20th-century Hungarian narrative literature. Since the 2000s, literary representation of poverty has come to the fore. Contemporary prose made poverty a prominent topic in a number of variations and at the same time, it created a new poetics for depicting poverty. In my analysis I try to find an answer to questions such as what prosaic modality is adapted, and what forms are used, to create an authentic representation of poverty and to solve the paradox of the literary language of poverty. My paper focuses on the definition of the texts’ interpretative framework, the difficulties of the relevant academic language, the complex problems concerning realism and how literature refers to the world as well as the fictional duplication of it in novels.