A Világló részletek architextuális hálózata

  • Radics Viktória Miskolci Egyetem Irodalomtudományi Doktori Iskola


Architextual Web of Bright Details

Péter Nádas inserted a plethora of archival documents into his 2017 two-volume memoire, Világló részletek (‘Bright Details’). Nádas’s private archive contains written, visual, and intermedial sources, personal memorabilia, and artworks. The function of these is to give legitimacy to the text; at the same time they are meant to keep memory work in check. Acting as a bridge between the text’s linguistic dimension and its present and past realities, they constitute the architextual web of the book. In my paper I will approach the theory of the archives based on Wolfgang Ernst and Jacques Derrida primarily, furthermore I will also engage with Maurizio Ferraris’ concept of documentality. I will categorize the rich documentary material of Világló részletek and highlight some of the most important documents: the farewell letter of Nádas’s father and his never finished, hagiographic biography of Nádas’s mother; the exceptional story of the “family’s heirloom swaddling cloth”; the Hungarian sculptor Pál Pátzay’s small statue David; the autobiography of Magda Aranyossi, the author’s aunt and the letters of Pál Aranyossi. I will describe these documents’ and artefacts’ positionality in the text, their ekhphrasis, their scope of effect and the way they infom motives. This study is part of my research on Péter Nádas’s documentarist method as an idiosyncratic form of literary archival science.