A jelentés válsága

Az animális poétika hatásai az Egy családregény végében

  • Darabos Enikő


Crises and Meaning. Impacts of the „Poetics of Animality” in The End of a Family Story

’The End of a Family Story: A Novel’ (1977) is Peter Nádas’s first book, which made him instantly one of the most important writers of the so-called “New Prose” in contemporary Hungarian literature. This paper intends to carry out a critical discourse analysis and gives an interpretation of the “poetics of animality” accounting for the atmosphere of corporeality in the text. The sensuality of the little boy’s firstperson narrative of opposes the abstract truths of the grandfather’s biblical discourse. By considering the rhetorical elements that maintain the vibrant, sensual significance, this interpretation conceives them as causing a crisis in meaning, which destabilizes not only the position of the narrator, but also that of the reader.